Persons with Disability, Can they Install a Water Filter System?

It is a common saying that disability is not inability. In fact, activists prefer to call them physically challenged. That is an indication that in as much as they have a challenge physically probably, emotionally and intellectually they have something credible to offer the world. If you have had a chance with this incredible people is that their creativity and innovation is of another level. Moreover, their sensitivity is better compared to normal human beings. These are the attributes they can use to their advantage. When it comes to the incredible value of a water filtering system, then it doesn’t need a lot of physical activity. Your creativity levels come in handy.

This is a job a disabled person can do with ease. We will acknowledge that it might not be easy for him to handle alone but with a helper it is possible, it just depends on the kind of disability. As long as the hands are intact then they just need to take the right sitting position and just fix the water filter system. All he needs is to make sure the helper puts everything in order and placed within his reach. At this point, it is his brain and mouth that will do the rest. He only needs to give the right instructions to the helper in line with his knowledge.

Parents are encouraged to educate these people on some of the right skills that not only gears them towards employment but also become entrepreneurs. The world is not friendly to them in that it is not a guarantee that the fact that they have gone to school they can get formal employment. Due to this challenge, the hands-on skill comes in handy to give them the support towards becoming entrepreneurs. A plumber is well-paid personnel in the western world. All you need is to make sure you get a good job to get more referrals. They also need to empower their personnel such that they can always complete the job on their behalf even in their absence.

Technology is the best thing that happened in the business world. You only need to create an online presence to get the orders. Despite the disability, am sure getting to social media – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram- is not an uphill task. It saves them the hassle of literally moving from one home or office to another to get orders to fix the water system. It is tiring and cumbersome.

In addition, there are also aided gadgets to aid in their movement. In the car industry, there are specific cars designed for them that are automated and can detect the routes as well as bumps and roads. For that reason, they may not really need an aid all the time for navigation for that order to fix a water filter system.

When the company is successful, a physically challenged person can now take a back seat but still enjoy his proceeds? How is this possible? It means the company has moved to another level and can now employ people to run errands as well as complete the job. For health reasons, he may still try to do some of the jobs as a way of exercising his muscles to avoid lifestyle diseases. Indeed disability is not inability.

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