People With Disabilities: Managing Everyday Tasks

Millions of people around the world have to manage everyday tasks with a disability. That’s why we’ve created this guide – to help make life a little bit easier for everyone. We want to provide information and advice on how to manage everyday activities, both big and small. Whether you are living with a disability […]

How to Set up Your Office to Accommodate People With Disabilities

The main objective of designing a workplace policy for people with disabilities is inclusivity. It provides a framework as a guideline on the necessary support to accommodate them. However, some of the technologies are on a case-to-case basis due to the different levels of disabilities. There is no comprehensive or blanket way to handle people with […]

Massage Program for Agencies helping People with Disabilities

Your workplace influences your personality and reasoning. Massage therapists for people with disabilities have a fulfilling life. The fact that they are responsible for the quality of life of someone who feels hopeless gives them a reason to live for another day. Moreover, it also boosts their confidence levels. Moreover, these are people who know […]