About Us

Karen P. Adams founded Works for Me – PA in the year 2000. She watched her bosom friend Rachel struggle with her hearing impairment disability while growing up. When Rachel graduated from college, she couldn’t pursue her dreams of becoming a successful marine biologist. Not until Karen stepped in to help.

Karen helped Rachel secure her dream job when she stumbled on a vacancy at a multinational disability inclusion organization. This feat inspired her to establish Works for Me – PA. Since then, Karen has dedicated her time to researching companies that employ people living with disabilities and also advocating for more companies to adopt disability inclusion in their policies.


Our mission is to use our platform to publicize available jobs for people with disabilities. Through our site, candidates with disabilities can pursue a meaningful career without searching too hard.


Our vision is to be the leading job board for viewing employment opportunities for people living with disabilities. We plan to liaise with companies that practice disability inclusion to provide quality candidates to fill vacant positions where necessary.