Support On People With Disabilities

If you've ever searched for "jobs for people with disabilities," you're at the right place.

Since 2000, Works for Me – PA has been the go-to career website specially dedicated to providing employment for people living with disabilities.

Post your anonymous resume and search through jobs for free on this site if you’re a person living with a disability. For employers looking for talents, we have job seekers ready to add value to your establishment here.

By browsing through resumes and posting job opportunities, you can diversify your workforce and demonstrate open-door policies, affirmative action, and OFCCP compliance. As the largest job bank for thousands of job seekers with disabilities, we have qualified candidates ranging from entry-level to Ph.D.

People living with disabilities also want to pursue their own careers. But the rate of unemployment is higher than average, and most times, some become discouraged and quit searching for work. On the other hand, businesses that value a diversified workforce often find it hard to practice disability inclusion. The reason is, they find it challenging to get better access to people living with disabilities with the right skills.

That’s why we created Works for me – PA, to ensure people living with disabilities can pursue their careers. We help connect candidates with disabilities to employers that incorporate disability inclusion.

We are steadily posting jobs of all types to ensure nobody is left out. And we’ve seen the result as over a thousand job seekers have gained employment through our site since its inception.

Applicants’ background, experience, and skills range from entry-level to managerial, professional, technical, and administrative. So there’s no shortage of qualified candidates on our site.

Kinds of Work for PWD

People living with disabilities thrive well under the following occupations:


Medical Administration

Working in a hospital department or medical office doesn’t need lots of physical movement, so people with physical disabilities can work under medical administration. Employers in this field like to hire staff that can relate to what patients go through based on their personal experience.


Bookkeeping or Financial Assistant

Working as a financial assistant or bookkeeper is one great way to keep your mind busy. This work is best for people struggling with comprehension or changing priorities.


Pharmacy Services

Pharmaceutical companies also offer employment opportunities to people with disabilities who have experience taking some specific medications.


Vocational Counseling

Counseling other persons with disabilities based on similar personal experiences is a rewarding career for some people.


IT Support

People possessing strong technical ability with weak social skills can pursue a career in Information Technology. They can provide front-line support to companies and build expertise in this field.


Disability Support Work

You can create a career by assisting other people living with disabilities to enhance their quality of life or find jobs. Based on your personal experience, you can help someone make the right life-changing decision.

Kinds of PWD That Can Work

Low-vision is a condition where an individual’s visual acuity is less than 20/60 or exceeding 6/18 or up to 10/200 in the better eye. It can also be seen as a limitation of vision line up to 10 degrees or less than 40 degrees.

Generally, locomotor disability is considered a disability that affects the muscles, joints, and bones. However, it causes a problem in moving from one place to another, such as walking, picking things up, etcetera.

Hearing impairment implies a total or partial inability to hear. It has two categories: hard of hearing and deaf. Hard of hearing means the person has 60 to 70 dB hearing loss in both ears. In contrast, deaf means having over 70 dB hearing loss in both ears.

Cerebral Palsy, called CP for short, is a disability that affects muscle coordination due to brain damage. It often occurs before or during childbirth. Cerebral Palsy doesn’t get worse with time. Although the muscle disuse sometimes increases the disability extent over time. There’s presently no cure for this condition, so it’s a life-long condition.

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